My Services

Data Science

Together we can design a data matrics that tells the story of your program through visualizations and analysis. 


Data Maintenance

Your program will evolve and we can evolve your data architectures, policies, practices and procedures that properly manage the full data lifecycle.

Data Visualization

All those rows and columns are good but useless unless you can understand what they are saying. We can create dashboards that highlight all the key metrics and give you a real time understanding of your impact.


Data Anaylsis

What is it that your data is trying to tell you and how can it help your program. We can work together to form a story.



Internal Productivity

Productivity, communications, and data updates can be simpified with web applications taylored to your work culture.


Social Media

Now a days it is all about communicating with your community and building awareness of your organization. With data visualizations communicating our mission and impact is a chart away.


Technology Workshops

Implementing the technology solutions can be overwhelming.  I create workshops that teach you how to work these solutions.