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I Am Loftin Consulting

I am your one source for Technology Management from Websites to Internal Collaboration Solutions

Custom Solutions

“I want to deliver an honest assessment of your  problems and develop a solution that is custom to your situation and organizational structure.”

Clean Design

“There is a move away from animation and a tidel wave of innovation in clean websites that often have a simple navigation and well-organized elements on a page. The content is easy to read, find, and browse.”

Application Workshops

“You want to be able to use the technology solutions I give you , so instead of leaving you to your own devices, I conduct workshops to help staff implement the solutions”

Technology Consulting

“From creating websites, customizing templates, creating social media communities, and technology solutions, I want to help you develop your ideas and find solutions.”

My Services

Web Design

Turning your mission into a success by creating websites that not only gives you a web presence but also creates a story that builds a community.



With a CMS you can edit your site without touching code! A CMS allows your site to be edited easily and within seconds.  


Website Maintenance

Websites that are not maintained are at risk of hacking and all manner of complications.  Let me make your website safe.  


Search Engine Optimization

Want to be found by Google? Donors? Constituents?  Get to the top of the search engine pages and get found!  



Internal Communications

With the internet you can gather data, communicate  with anyone and collaborate in real time.


Social Media

Now a days it is all about communicating with your community and building awareness of your organization.


Technology Workshops

Implementing the technology solutions can be overwhelming.  I create workshops that teach you how to work these solutions.


Template Customization

Want to use a template for your site? We can help customize it with all your information and designs.




About Me

Lacey Loftin

Principle Consultant

Why I Do What I Do

My degrees are in social sciences: History, Conflict Resolution and Human Rights Law. Yet, I am in the technology consulting business because I see a need to help organizations navigate the ever evolving world of communications because it is the KEY to Conflict Resolution and organizational SUCCESS. Technology is the underlining theme through my education from my first Apple IIe to my obsession with technology and human communications during conflicts or political advocacy. I can help you connect to your employees internally and to the outside world, to create a community and drive change! My favorite quote: The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

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Web Design

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Phone: 601-291-7353
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Mail: lacey@laceyloftin.com

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